Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sun Dance - Healing Mother Earth

Last week, during the July Full Moon, we supported a Sun Dance on the Cheyenne River Lakota Reservation in South Dakota.
This ancient ceremony is one of the Lakota Seven Sacred Rites, and is dedicated to the healing of Mother Earth. Traditionally a dance performed by men and supported by women and other tribal members, this powerful ceremony lasts for 4 days and nights and the men "tied to the tree" do not eat or drink during that time. Each man prays for the earth and for a friend or relative who is ill. Most non-native people cannot imagine why anyone would want to engage in this difficult and arduous ceremony. Native plains people, however, know that enormous healing power is generated on the Sun Dance grounds, and miracles happen.

One man danced for his daughter who was told by her doctors she would never walk again. Her condition was healed. A grandmother with terminal cancer had a spontaneous remission. An infant with a serious illness is now a smiling, laughing year old baby.

Last week, the Sun Dance Chief was told by Spirit that the Dance had made a huge difference for Mother Earth, and that positive changes would now begin to happen all over the planet. For this news, we were grateful, and we vowed to return next year to support this ceremony and continue the healing of our Mother.

Drawings of the ceremony, as photography was not allowed, can be seen at Dans blog site.....

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