Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Day in Aguas Calientes

The four of us sat on the roof of Gringo Bill's
smoking sacred Pipes from various traditions
and getting high on blessed navajo tobacco
and Amazon Mapachos purchased in the Witches Market in Cusco

After a few hours, we wandered on down to find lattes
and an internet cafe
and some chocolate cookies
to bring us back to ordinary consciousness.

It didn't work
The mountains surrounding Macchu Picchu are too alive,
Green and vibrant and intensely loving.

Reconvening on the rooftop
we sat, staring at the gigantic, looming Presences
who stared back,
waiting for us humans to come into proper alignment.

Eventually, I guess we pulled it off
Because the Energies calmed down a bit
and we kind of slipped on down the stairs
to get some pizza.

That night, we all had some amazing dreams.