Saturday, April 25, 2009

As we move more deeply into the Great Turning, the paradigm shift that has been predicted by indigenous people for centuries, I am grateful to be able to participate in powerful earthbased ceremonies on Turtle Island and Heart Island, with amazing medicine people of North and South America. As a Vision Quest Guide, I see the transformation on the faces of people when they return from fasting and praying in the wilderness for 4 days and nights. As a support person at Sun Dance, I participate in the miracles of healing that happen there, from the girl who regained her ability to walk, to the grandmother cured of cancer.
In the Andes, I witness and experience the power of ancient initiations at the base of 23,000 foot Apus (glacier covered holy mountains). On a daily basis, I make offerings to the Earth Mother and to Father Sun for the incredible blessing of being alive on the planet at this time.

I pray every day that the transition be graceful and exactly what is needed for the regeneration of all Beings as we move into the new paradigm - predicted by our indigenous brothers and sisters to be a time of cooperation, harmony, and compassion. I was born to help midwife this birthing time...and so were you, if you are reading this!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Death Valley Vision Quest

Spring in Death Valley - a time of wildflowers, wind, warm sun, and rebirth. A time to fast alone in the wilderness, to let go of what no longer serves us, and open to what is trying to be born in us. Our small group of seven questers spent 4 days and nights in the austere beauty of Virgin Springs, surrounded by crimson cactus flowers, small yellow asters, desert holly and creosote. Stones of quartz crystal, volcanic pumice, and green, yellow, red and blue sandstone, made medicine walking a daily adventure. Ravens and hawks were daily visitors. The wind brought purification.

Every faster found something of profound value and returned home with stories to tell....stories of destiny claimed, or qualities of Spirit revealed.

The ancient ceremony of Vision Quest continues to astound me in its power to transform and heal.